Selling FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn’t I Be Better Off Selling My Home Myself And Avoiding Having To Pay Real Estate Agents’ Commissions?

A good real estate agent knows the best approach to marketing and selling your home. It’s our business. Real estate agents, especially those working with larger companies or networks like Leslie J. Garfield, have much greater resources at their disposal to market your home than you as one individual could ever muster. Multiple listing services (or Manhattan’s version thereof), online nationwide marketing programs and websites and associations with other agents provide us with powerful marketing tools to find qualified buyers prepared to pay you the highest price for your home.

What is an Exclusive Listing Agreement?

This is an agreement between a broker and a seller that provides the broker and its agent the exclusive right to represent the seller in the sale of the seller’s property, for which the broker collects a commission, shared with its agent and any firm representing the buyer.

Who Do We Represent?

We represent you, the seller as a Seller’s Agent, under our exclusive agreement with respect to the sale of your property. If another Leslie J. Garfield agent represents a purchaser, Leslie J. Garfield as the broker would act as a Dual Agent with Designated Sales Agents. We would represent you as the seller and the other Leslie J. Garfield agent would represent the buyer. This relationship is further explained in the New York State Disclosure Form for Buyers and Sellers. Click here for the disclosure statement.

Where Will My Property Be Listed? What is Your Internet Strategy?

Your listing will be placed on the award winning Leslie J. Garfield website, ranked as the number 1 luxury real estate site in New York City with over four million unique visitors (including many from other countries), 16 million page views and more than 200 million hits per month. It is among the top one percent of the most heavily trafficked websites in the world.

With over 85% of buyers using the internet to search for a new home, the Leslie J. Garfield website is an invaluable tool in an internet marketing strategy. Additionally, your home will also automatically be featured on 14 highly visited websites, including The New York Times, New York Post, Trulia, Street Easy, Google, the Wall Street Journal, OLR, Property Shark and Zillow. Your property will also be featured on this website and we will use the internet to email marketing pieces to other brokerage firms and agents throughout Manhattan.

We will also immediately co broke your property with the entire brokerage community, approximately 419 REBNY firms. Your property will be listed with real estate firms throughout the US and abroad as part of a worldwide relocation program through Cartus Mobility.

What Is Your Marketing Strategy For My Property?

We will create a tailored and comprehensive marketing strategy for selling your home based on your needs and the property’s specific features. Elements will include (in addition to co broking and an extensive internet strategy): a feature in our newsletter; professional photographs, floor plan and description; staging information and help including recommendations on consultants and contractors; Madison Avenue and lightbox advertising; color brochure and fact sheets; print and photo advertising; a public relations campaign; mailings; and professional presentation.

In addition, we will actively market to other agents in your neighborhood, host open houses for agents, show whenever requested, follow up on every showing and provide you with extensive feedback and market analytics.

How Do You Feel About Open Houses Generally?

We undertake Open Houses as part of our overall marketing strategy. That said, in marketing a townhouse with multiple stories, for example, it is crucial that there be enough professionals showing at one time that no buyer is free to roam about your townhouse. We will ensure that your home — one of your most important assets — is properly represented and protected. We will also ensure that members of our team are always there to show the property so that even if the buyer’s agent is not familiar with the property, there is someone knowledgeable to point out the special features, advantages and benefits of your townhouse versus those of the other townhouses available for sale.


We will use our advertising budget to regularly advertize in various publications geared toward the finest in NY real estate. These could include New York Times Manhattan Homes, New York Times Sunday Open Houses, Avenue Magazine, Quest, Gotham, New York Magazine and many more.

Public Relations

We will work with the Leslie J. Garfield Public Relations Department to promote interest in our properties or to generally highlight topics in the press that will benefit our clients.