46 East 65th Street

Property Details

46 East 65th Street

Status: Sold

Type: Townhouse

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Property ID: N/A
Listing Price: $14,000,000
Square Footage: 10,253 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 9


46 East 65th Street: An Elevator Townhouse Built in 1877 during the Gilded Age of New York City, this elegant six story townhouse is located between Madison and Park Avenues on one of the loveliest tree lined blocks of the East 60’s. Number 46 is the ultimate representation of Old World history, architecture and charm. The property was originally designed by John G. Prague one of the most prolific architects within the historic district. Presently the townhouse is configured as a 5 family house. The approximate 10,253 square feet of space is poised for finishing out to a single family home.

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