Lydia Andre Testimonial

Dear Ms. Liebman:

I did not expect to find myself writing a letter in praise of a real estate broker. In the past I have not been particularly enamored of members of that profession. But Tom Wexler is not your average broker. In fact, my experience with Tom was exceptional in every possible way.

My husband and I wanted to do something very difficult -find a townhouse we could afford in New York City. (We actually did! -and closed this past April, 2006). We didn’t think it would be, and it definitely was not, easy. Through dumb luck (I can’t quite recall the circumstances), we found Tom Wexler and began our search in the summer of 2004. That means that for two entire years, with no immediate prospects (or payoff) in sight, Tom Wexler helped us, guided us, encouraged us, and reminded us that our house was out there, somewhere. (And did I forget to mention schlepped with us to house after house!) He never seemed to tire of us, or of our search. Even when I told him that we thought we might move to LA instead of buying in NYC, he didn’t give up on us. He always called when a new house came on the market. And, (this is indeed high praise for a real estate broker), he never wasted our time.

Tom Wexler is a consummate professional. He was always in command of the facts, the important details, and any additional information we needed. He came prepared, was unfailingly polite, and, despite the hysterical nature of any real estate transaction, Tom remained preternaturally calm. When we had lost one house, and consequently our faith in the process, Tom was there to provide something he has a unique abundance of ¬≠perspective. I can’t tell you what a difference that made to us. It was everything!

After two years, and many dead ends, we finally found our house. Tom had predicted it would be the house, and he was right. He handled everything beautifully, from the bidding to the closing. When I look back on the entire process, what I am most impressed with are the houses he discouraged us from buying. He wanted us to hold out for a wider house. And, again, he was right He also found us the right lawyer, consulted with us on renovation plans, and even recommended a contractor. Tom, his partner Kerry, and his lovely and always helpful assistant Carmen, are truly full-service brokers. They are an outstanding team. We could not have done it without them. (And wouldn’t want to!)

So, we ended up buying a wonderful house, and having tremendous affection and respect, not only for Tom Wexler the broker, but especially for Tom Wexler the person. I would recommend him to anyone as a fantastic broker. And, I hope to always keep him as a friend.


Lydia Andre
55 Greene Street
Suite 2G
New York, New York 10013